2012 Texas Women's Disc Golf Championship!!

Deadline to guarantee your player's pack (and shirt size) and avoid a $10 late fee is MIDNIGHT, Sunday, April 8th. Registrations received after that date will still receive a player's pack but we won't be able to guarantee the shirt size. Please help us out and get registered before 4/8/12. We want to encourage as many women to play as possible, but we also need time to get everything ready for y'all!!

Other registration updates:
We've made a few changes to the FJ3 and FJ4 Junior Divisions schedule and entry fees. Disc Nation is sponsoring the entry fees for these Junior Divisions!! So, if you've already registered an FJ3 or FJ4 division player, you will receive a refund of their base entry fee. Thanks to Damon Neth and Disc Nation for supporting the growth of women playing disc golf!!

All Pro Division Players MUST BE PDGA CURRENT but DO NOT have to be PDGA Certified.


FPO (Female Pro Open/Any Rating)                      $81.00
FPM (Female Pro Master/Age 40+ )                       $66.00
FPG (Female Pro Grand/Age 50+)                          $66.00
FPS (Female Pro Senior Grand/ Age 60+)             $56.00
FPL (Female Pro Legend /Age 70+)                        $41.00

FA1 (Female Amateur/Required for 800+)           $55.00
FM1 (Female Amateur Master/40+)                      $45.00
FG1 (Female Amateur Grand/50+)                        $40.00
FA2 (Female Amateur Intermediate <800)          $30.00
FA3 (Female Amateur Recreation <750)              $25.00

FJ1 (Female Junior <20)                                           $25.00
FJ2 (Female Junior <17)                                           $25.00
FJ3 (Female Junior <14)                                           $ 5.00**
FJ4 (Female Junior <11)                                           $ 5.00*

*All entry fees include Division fee, PDGA player fee ($4.00 Pro / $3 Am & Junior ) and $2 Online Registration Fee

**Juniors <11 and <14 Division fees are $10 and sponsored by Disc Nation. Entry fees listed here are PDGA fee plus Paypal Service fee if you register online.

Pro Division players must be PDGA Current.

Am Division players do not have to be PDGA Certified or PDGA Current (although we do encourage joining). All non-current or non-PDGA member Am players will be required to pay a $10 additional PDGA fee at Check-In.